I help entrepreneurs upgrade their communication skills.
I help entrepreneurs upgrade their communication skills.


I started my career at a top 10 international CPA firm and quickly climbed the ranks at some of best Fortune 500 companies in the country. Things took a surprising turn when the division I worked in at AutoNation USA, the countries largest auto retailer, shut down abruptly, leaving me and 400+ colleagues out of work. Realizing the unique and highly valuable skillset I had, AutoNation quickly hired me back as a consultant. Having never thought I would be back at my former employer, I became a consultant quite accidentally and never looked back.

While working on a finance consulting project for the CFO of a national financial services marketing firm, I was asked by a national think tank and training organization to speak at a conference about some of my budget and forecasting experiences. I quickly realized I loved speaking and training and have since devoted more and more of my time to training accounting and finance professionals and speaking to diverse crowds about the incredible lessons I have learned through my twenty plus year career working with people and organizations from a diverse range of industries.

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